Forest Floor of Ferns

Forest Floor of Ferns

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eliapolis said: These are gorgeous. What’s the first one from? And is that the Coney Island Cyclone? (I’m from NY)

Thank you!! The first one is from the West End Bridge in Pittsburgh.  And yes, that is the Coney Island Cyclone!  So much fun, but so brutal!  This is one of it that I’ve posted previously.  :)


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I was tagged by bohemianrider for the six favorite photos meme and for once I’m following through on fulfilling the tag.

So I browsed through some of my files of photographs and this is my selection for the evening.  Many of my favorites are of my sister or my husband, obviously they aren’t in any of the 6. The exercise pointed out a couple of things to me.  One, I’ve got a thing for blue and green. Mostly  examples of blue above.  Secondly,  I really need to get it together and actually treat some of these photographs properly.  Put them in an album.  Back them up.  Something.

The 6 that I’ve included each bring back a memory, give me a little feeling of calm.  Yep even the Cyclone.

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